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Aiken, SC Location

Our second location is in Aiken, SC. More specifically, just off Silver Bluff Rd around the bend on Crepe Myrtle Ct. You will see our brick and mortar sign right across the street from the Smith Tax Advisory Group building.

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Augusta, GA Location

Our main office is located in Augusta GA, just past Doctors Hospital, turn right at the intersection of Wheeler road and George C Wilson Drive. Follow George C Wilson Drive all the way down until you see the Aiken Augusta Oral & Facial sign, the office will be on your left-hand side.

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We're the Best Choice for Oral Surgery in Augusta, GA & Aiken, SC

Aiken Augusta Oral & Facial Surgery Practice has been serving our community for over 20 years. All our staff and doctors are thoroughly trained and maintain current certifications and continued education to provide you and your family with excellent care.


Serving Our Local Community for

Our Procedures

At either of our locations, our trained staff are prepared to answer any questions you may have.

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Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons are unique. They have received advanced training in anesthesia during residency to provide patients with safe and effective outpatient anesthesia.

Study of the causes of diseases that alter or affect the oral structures.

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, have been the cause of discussion in for many years. To put simply, they are the last teeth to develop and appear in your mouth.

As disconcerting as the idea of having a tooth pulled may be for some, there are times when it’s a simple fact of life that matters dictate that a tooth must be extracted.

The implants themselves are tiny titanium posts which are inserted into the jawbone where teeth are missing. These metal anchors act as tooth root substitutes.

A dental bone graft procedure is performed to rebuild and reconstruct the bone structure loss or deterioration caused by periodontal disease, trauma, ill-fitting dentures, and surgical extractions.

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders are a family of problems related to your complex jaw joint.

Study of the causes of diseases that alter or affect the oral structures.

Orthognathic Surgery is needed when jaws don’t meet correctly and/or teeth don’t seem to fit with jaws.

Our Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons are trained, skilled and uniquely qualified to manage and treat Facial Trauma.

Cleft lip and cleft palate are two common but markedly different birth defects that affect about one in every 700 newborns.

Hours of Operation

Normal hours of operation are the same for both of our Aiken and Augusta locations. Holiday hours are always subject to vary.

An on-call doctor is available 24 hours a day if an emergency arises.

Monday - Thursday8:00 AM — 5:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM — 3:00 PM
Saturday - SundayClosed

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